Time To Unwind

Hydro Therapy Massage

I am an experienced beauty and massage therapist specialising in pregnancy massage. There is nothing more rewarding for me than using my skills to help clients relax and unwind at this important time.

As a mother myself, I have an empathetic understanding of the demands on a pregnant woman’s body. I am careful, compassionate and considerate at every stage and work with my clients to provide the right treatment for them.

My absolute priority is the wellbeing and comfort of my clients. It is for this reason that I use hydrotherm massage for almost all of my pregnancy massages. This technique is particularly relaxing as the client lies face up on a bed of warm, water-filled pads. The gentle heat combined with effective massage technique relieves stress on joints and muscles, soothes neck and lower back pain, and improves sleep.


Thenar Massage

We only have a maximum of 8 people to a class. We use all the of the small equipment that is related to Pilates and we have a wide range of classes so you will be able to find the perfect class to suit your goals.

Pilates is a technique and not just a set of exercises, that why we highly advise you start with a beginners course regardless of your fitness levels or 3 to 5 private sessions. By doing this you will benefit from all that Pilates can do for you.

Request your free postural assessment and consultation and let us help you choose the right class for you.


Barre High-energy and dynamic, integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training. Barre is designed to emphasise the correct biomechanics of movement combined with the power of music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. No dance experience required!

Why our Barre classes are different to the standard Barre classes you have been too – We use the Pilates Towers as our Barre so we have the added bonus of adding spring resistance to our workout, we also have a full studio of additional props to step up the challenge.


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