Passionate about creating a healthier, happier body for you to live in. Using a range of techniques to suit your personal requirements.

Working with Tori you will discover muscles you didn’t know you had, tone and define muscles you haven’t been able to see results with before, release tense muscles providing more length and flexibility and moreover learn what your body is truly capable of. Tori specialises in rehabilitation, back, neck and shoulder pain, pre & post natal, sports specific training & desk bound workers.

Tori’s passion is to explore and develop the abilities of clients, sharing knowledge and experience to create a healthier happier body for you to live in. Her years of teaching Pilates, studying different techniques and understanding anatomical movements, transpires in her ability to create innovative, effective and efficient exercises suited to the individuals needs.

An inspiring, supportive result driven Pilates, Barre & Zen*Ga teacher

I am a 36 year old mum of 3.  Having previously worked in the City and practiced Pilates for over ten years, I decided to leave the City and undertake two years of rigorous STOTT Pilates Instructor Training at the YMCA Fit in London.

I am aware of the pressures put on the body through pregnancy and have got myself, and others, back into shape after having children.  I have always been a long distance runner (recreationally, with clubs and marathons for charity), and found that Pilates really improved my running style as my core was more stable and I could run more efficiently.

I noticed other benefits too – a flatter and more sleek midsection, and a more sculpted and toned body overall.  My posture was visibly better too – I actually looked taller!  I have used STOTT Pilates for my own personal rehabilitation following major surgery and serious running-induced injuries, and truly believe that Pilates can give you that longer, leaner body without adding bulk.


Couldn’t be more suited to teach Yoga, supportive, challenging, sensitive and calm.

Toni discovered yoga 7 years ago trying to find a way to heal naturally several injuries. Her personal experience was the very best proof that yoga is a powerful tool when you want to affect both body and mind in positive way.

She had  completed her Teacher Training course  in Hatha yoga at the beginning of 2011 in Himalayan Yoga school Rishikesh Yog Peeth. Since than she’s been teaching different classes of yoga as Detox yoga, Power yoga and restorative classes always based on the needs of her students.

Her passion of yoga therapy brought her to Aerial yoga.

A phenomenal warmth and likability, the kids just warm to her and they grow to love the Yoga practice.

Tess has a wonderfully warm personality that the kids love and respect.
During the day she works at a school and she is passionate about nurturing children into adults, however her passion outside work has always been Yoga, so naturally she has now combined the two.
ABL is very lucky to have such a wonderful teacher inspiring the next generation through thoughtful movement building confidence from within. She teaches them the importance of working together to support each other and how to breathe and let go. The room is always filled with so much positive loving energy at the end of her class.

A true Yogi, with a beautiful soul and a peaceful energy

I’ve been practising yoga on and off for 15 years – Ashtanga to start with and Rocket in the last 3 years.  From the very beginning, the feeling of contentment I got at the end of a practise meant I was hooked pretty quickly.  And, of course, improvements in strength and flexibility were an added bonus which helped keep me coming back to the mat.

Yoga has always been my happy place, the place where I work through life’s challenges. For me being a teacher is about giving other people the opportunity to have the same experience – all the answers are there if you’re willing to let go and listen.

My teaching style is dynamic and playful and aimed at making sure you leave your mat feeling better than when you arrived.My gratitude goes to my teachers Dulce Aguilar and Jamie Clarke of the Yoga People as well as all my other teachers on and off the mat.


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