Pilates equipment

Pilates was first created using the apparatus, it was then translated to the mat to make it more accessible. When you hear about famous people using Pilates to create their physique’s it is the studio equipment classes they are referring too.

The Cadillac, Tower, Wunda Chair, Barrel, Reformer and Spine Corrector. Joseph designed the apparatus to help accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening, body alignment and increased core strength, therefore challenges you in ways the matwork can not.

The feedback and support allows you to activate the correct muscles and can support you in taking your practice back to the mat.

Only available in our private and duet sessions.

Ultimate Tower pilates

Ultimate Tower classes combine the fluidity of the Pilates matwork with the spring resistance like the Pilates Reformer, utilising other pieces of the small equipment such as the spine corrector, fitness balls and the wonderful gliders.

The Towers are based on the traditional Cadillac designed by Joseph Pilates an extremely versatile piece of studio equipment which allows you to do the same repertoire you would do on the Pilates Reformers with added extras that you will feel working.

Tower classes are an excellent introduction to the use of Pilates equipment.  The resistance from the springs help you to develop powerful, supple muscles that will be stretched while building strength and stability from the centre.

The Tower classes are particularly effective at working different areas of the body in isolation, allowing you to develop strength in both the deep stabilising muscles of the body as well as the global muscles in your arms and legs.


Move over Reformer and make room for the new MOTR

Combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving you a challenging and incredibly diverse workout tool. Exercise categories include cardio, balance, functional training, mind-body, agility, strength training and more.

MOTR’s unique and innovative design allows you to work out in eight different body positions, and quickly switch resistance while targeting different areas. It is an excellent group exercise or personal training option.

It would be easier to describe what you CAN’T do with a MOTR!

Mat Classes

We only have a maximum of 8 people to a class. We use all the of the small equipment that is related to Pilates and we have a wide range of classes so you will be able to find the perfect class to suit your goals.

Pilates is a technique and not just a set of exercises, that why we highly advise you start with a beginners course regardless of your fitness levels or 3 to 5 private sessions. By doing this you will benefit from all that Pilates can do for you.

Request your free postural assessment and consultation and let us help you choose the right class for you.


Barre High-energy and dynamic, integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training. Barre is designed to emphasise the correct biomechanics of movement combined with the power of music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. No dance experience required!

Why our Barre classes are different to the standard Barre classes you have been too – We use the Pilates Towers as our Barre so we have the added bonus of adding spring resistance to our workout, we also have a full studio of additional props to step up the challenge.

Aerial Yoga

As she was growing up, Irena was a budding artist and dancer, full of creative energy and spirit. Then she got derailed and ended up working in law. She loved her work, it opened and sharpened her mind, but it completely took over her life. This is when she found pilates, which eventually helped her to rediscover her zest for life and feel that creative energy once more.

When she began to study pilates in more depth, she discovered that what she initially perceived as physical weaknesses and limitations were often mental and energetic blocks. With the guidance of amazing teachers she met along the way, she started to release those blocks, eventually feeling freedom and ease in her body and movement. As a result, Irena is passionate about exploring ways to help others to feel a similar sense of release, unlocking hidden movement potential and enhancing quality of movement, not just during pilates, but in everyday life and activities.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative/Detox Yoga

This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind.
While gently stretching and strengthening the body, we also include many rotation exercises to massage the organs and detox your system.

This class is appropriate for students of all levels.

Rocket Yoga

This is a strong practise, taking its roots from Ashtanga.

It is a playful, dynamic sequence that’s guaranteed to make you sweat. getting its name Rocket because ‘it gets you there faster’  It’s a moving meditation, a series of postures linked by strong breath, incorporating the basic poses as well as throwing in some fun and challenging extras!

Perfect for the traditionalist yogi with a rebellious streak – from complete beginners to Rocket old-timers. Come to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and, ultimately, bring some stillness to the mind.

Turn up, play hard, let go.

Yoga for athlete’s and sports enthusiasts

We have a uniquely trained Yoga for sports specialists, that can work with you on a 1:1 basis to help release your limitations, improve your performance and provide you with a longevity within your sport/passion preventing injuries.

We also offer specialist Yoga classes, such as Boxing Yoga, Yoga for runners and Golfers.

These classes tend to be a strong practice, holding poses for longer to gain a deeper specific connectivity.

Did you say Pilates is for men too? YES

But aren’t the classes always full of women? Not at ABL we encourage men to put us to the test and be challenged. Pilates was designed by a man, originally for men. Joseph Pilates developed the technique in the early 1920’s he was a boxer and gymnast and created the method to train athletes and recovering soldiers. These are some of the men that attend our classes, city professionals, keen runners, cyclists, footballer’s and golfers. We work with a lot of male clients that come to us with injuries and then stay with us for maintenance and performance of their bodies.

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