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Hormones? What Hormones I feel fabulous!

"Tori is a local hidden secret. She has been helping women in our community for years. I was so happy when she took her work online as I now feel I have her support at my fingertips all the time. She has truly enhanced the quality of my life."


You are in the right place if:

You want to make changes to your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing.

You want to feel and look fabulous

You want to be the best YOU, you can be

You want to say in 10/20 Years time you had a fabulous Menopause


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Are you ready for a Healthier and Happier you?

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Meet Tori


A Lady with many hats! A client once said to me.

I absolutely love the challenge each client presents me even after 16 years of teaching and mentoring.
Each Body and Mind is different therefore as a result I adapt and create individual approaches for everyone.
This ability has come from years of teaching, self-development and I am constantly challenging myself to understand different approaches and techniques.

My desire to learn and help my clients is what has led me here today now specialising in Women's health, particularly Menopause. 

So many women in their 40's were coming to me struggling with their weight, mind, sleep, energy levels, body image, and fitness. That I had to find out more to help them, which led me to Hormones, life coaching, and sleep guidance. 

7 Pillars to successful change.

Most of my clients come to me because they are always missing one element of my 7 pillars.

Here is my formula, if one is out of balance then it's like domino's

1. Knowledge

2. Quality Sleep 

3. Exercise 

4. Nutrition 

5. Mindfulness

6. Supplements/Therapies

7. Mentor/Coach


How balanced is your life?

Online Services 

12-Week Online Group 7 Pillars to a Healthier & Happier You

4-Week Pelvic Floor, Core and Breathing 10 minutes a day result driven programme.

4 x 30 minute live Zoom classes each week.

30 minute classes running throughout the day every 15 minutes via our webinar platform.

An extensive online  library for you to access all of our live recorded Video's to practice whenever and wherever you are.


I joined this course a HOT MESS!

Hoping, but not sure what anyone could do. I must of had about 20 symptoms.

It was a really special 12 weeks and I am so proud I took the time to invest in myself to understand how to support my body and how it works. The course was so easy to follow, I just changed things little by little and then they became habits.

I was so surprised how little I knew about my hormones and what affected them and the simple things I could do to keep them Happy.  Tori has such a great way to make change easy, enjoyable and it’s manageable even in my crazy busy life.

Jane Hogarth