A Balanced Life’s Personalised Approach

At A Balanced Life we know everyone is unique (we certainly are!), so we pride ourselves on taking a personalised approach to everything we do.  Whether you come to a private or group session at the Pilates Equipment studio our main aim is to tailor our approach to meet your unique personal needs.

From our first encounter we want to know about you and this will continue through our 4 step introduction process.

  • Our personalised enquiry form makes you stand out to us.  We use the answers you give to our 5 simple questions to match you with the right teacher for your consultation.
  • Your invite to our free consultation and postural report service will include a health and fitness questionnaire to help us understand more about you, your body and your goals.
  • At your consultation we will assess your movements and take a picture of your posture that will be aligned to a grid, so you can see what we see.
  • You will then receive a report on your posture and our recommendations for you.
Our group classes are personalised too, providing a unique session that stands out from the rest…
In our Studio equipment classes we have a maximum of 4 people working on individual programs to suit their personal needs.  In our Mat classes we have up to 6 people; keeping the groups small means we can still get to know you and your body.  While due to their nature there is a little more structure in the group matwork classes, we will break you away from this if we feel you need something else or an adaptation.  This means you will still receive a tailored class plan for you, rather than just a routine class that fits all, as you are so much more than “one size fits all!”
The only way you can see our personalised approach in action is come and try us out.  Hope to see you at the studio soon! 


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Personalised Enquiry Form

Welcome to A Balanced Life, where we ensure a personal service that is right for you.

All you need to do is answer 5 quick questions. Once completed, we’ll be able to match you with the perfect teacher and class for you.

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1. Why do you want to do Pilates or Yoga?

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4. The important part – What is the best way for you to learn new things?

5. What approach would best suit your personality?

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