Alex is one of our rehabilitation specialists. She combines her extensive knowledge of Anatomy and functional movement to create an individual and precise program for each client in both classes and 1-1 sessions.

Alex has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years and is fully qualified in both Mat and Studio Equipment Pilates. Alex is also a Holistic Masseuse and holds diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Therapy and Myofascial Tissue Release Technique and Cadaver Dissection. Alex combines her extensive knowledge of Anatomy and functional movement to create an individual and precise program for each client in both classes and 1-1 sessions. Alex creates a fun, light hearted but challenging studio class to help each student achieve their own goals and improve their movement patterns and work towards eliminating pain. Using imagery and anatomical awareness to stimulate and engage each client and make sure Pilates becomes a functional and useful tool for them. Alex has worked with a range of clients teens with posture and spinal problems/ large gym classes/ small studio classes/ severe trauma clients/ post surgery/ elite ballerinas and dance companies/ chronic pain/ and the super fit and healthy.

Qualifications Matwork Teacher Qualification (Pilates Foundation) Yoga’d Up – Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (Yogabugs) Pre and Post Natal Pilates (Pilates Foundation) Practitioner of Pilates Studio Qualification (Polestar Pilates) Diploma in Holistic Massage (ITEC) Kinesio Taping Fundamental & Advanced (KT 1&2)   Workshops and Courses How auxiliary equipment enhances matwork (Pilates Foundation) Stenstability Vertical Pilates (Pilates Foundation) Reading the Body Pilates Hybrid Course (Polestar) Rotational Sports (Polestar) Anatomy Review – Pelvis & Joint Function of hip, knee, thigh, ankle & foot Stretch your Mind and Body with the Combo Chair (Polestar) Studio Circuit Class & Reformer Class (Polestar) The Boulder Approach to Classical Pilates (Polestar) The Franklin Method “Imagery for Health and Longevity” (Polestar) Anatomy Review – common injuries of upper body Pelvic Power for Core Support (Polestar) Imagery for Healthy & Strong Knees(Polestar) Release Your Neck & Liberate Your Shoulders (Polestar) The Psoas – Beyond the Abdominals (Polestar) Back in Control: How to gain whole body health through Pilates (Polestar) An introduction to Fascia Fascial Anatomy – theory, palpation & dissection Integrated Myofascial Therapy Level 2 Integrated Myofascial Therapy – Fascial Assessment & Integration Fascia in Sports Medicine Emergency First Aid.

“I have been seeing Alex for private classes for a few months now and can’t recommend her more highly. The sessions are excellent, with Alex tailoring the class to my specific needs & requirements, and with exactly the right balance of physicality, and I finish each session feeling that I have made real progress. Equally important, Alex is great fun and makes the sessions really enjoyable, and I actively look forward to each session.” Andy Raikes






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