Pilates Equipment or Matwork – which one are you?

“There may be many reasons you would choose one Pilates class over another such as the teacher, location, time and cost etc, but where do you start when trying to decide between Matwork or Equipment classes.

Let us help you decide whether you are one, the other or perhaps both:”


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  • Just you and the mat, with a few small props such as balls, blocks, resistance bands, weights, foam rollers and magic circle.
  • Convenient – you can arrange a class at work, at home, pretty much anywhere you fancy!
  • A flowing class, moving seamlessly on the mat from one exercise or position to another.
  • Your body works against gravity to provide the biggest challenge.
  • Can be more advanced than equipment as there is no apparatus to support the movement of your body.



  • Working with the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrel, Wall Align and Spine Corrector.
  • Joseph designed the apparatus to help accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening, body alignment and increased core strength.
  • Described as a part scientist, part mechanical genius and part anatomist Joseph designed the equipment uses spring loaded resistance, gravity and movement to assist or challenge the body as you perform the exercises.
  • The feedback and support allows you to activate the correct muscles and can support you in taking your practice back to the mat
  • Helpful in rehabilitating injury as the equipment provides feedback to your body helping you to identify and target specific muscle groups.

I hope this has helped you decide which Pilates form you’d like to give a go?  If you’re still unsure why not give our Pilates Combo Mat & Equipment class a go, to experience and gain the benefits from both!

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