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Inflexibility or stiffness

What is it?

Do you struggle to touch your toes (from standing or sitting), feel stiff when you wake up or feel tightness or tension through your neck and shoulders? Perhaps even with regular stretches you still can’t increase your flexibility or relieve stiffness through your body. You don't want to be all big, tight muscles with little flexibility as that doesn’t make for a comfortable body and you might find yourself more susceptible to injury.

How can Pilates help?

Our bodies were meant to move and the longer you wait to move your body the less mobile you will become so starting Pilates sooner rather than later will help! Pilates exercises can both stretch your body and increase or maintain healthy range of motion through your joints. But it isn’t all about stretching, to achieve balance in your body you will find that you need to stretch or perhaps release one group of muscles while actively working to increase strength elsewhere, for example stretching tight pectoral muscles while strengthening muscles around your shoulder blades and mid back. The ability to work different muscles in isolation during a Pilates class allows you to work the different muscles in an effective way to achieve stretch and strength where you need it.

Always ensure that you are working with an experienced and qualified Pilates teacher and seek advice from your health professional before embarking upon any exercise.