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Let Pilates help you attack your obstacles

Obstacle courses are increasing in popularity and it seems there's now something for everyone.  Obstacle courses challenge muscles that you may not be used to using, and test your endurance in ways that maybe haven't been tested before. One of my friends recently completed a 5k assault course and after crossing the finishing line told me she wished her core was stronger to help her attack the obstacles. As with many people taking on a distance challenge her training focused on running as opposed to tackling the obstacles in the course. The best preparations for an obstacle challenge will include cardiovascular training but also help you develop core strength, balance and increased understanding of your body.  And, of course, Pilates can help with these last 3! Pilates exercises allow you to isolate and work on specific muscles groups including the core, which includes your glutes, transverse abdominals, pelvic floor and spinal muscles. Click here for information on exercises that can help you strengthen these all important muscles.  By retraining and strengthening your core muscles you should see improvements in your posture and balance as well as allowing your global muscles, such as those in your legs and arms, to work more effectively and to their optimum ability from their newly strengthened/stable centre.  Finally, the principals of concentration and precision in Pilates coupled with the overall whole body approach will help you develop a better understanding of your body and what muscles should be recruited for different movements; again helping your body work in the most efficient manner. All this put together will allow you to be in the best possible shape to run, jump, crawl, climb, pull or push your way through the obstacles you are likely to face.