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Meet Becki

A Balanced Life Pilates Equipment Studio MoorgateBecki first tried Pilates more than ten years ago and quickly realised it was for her, as it provided much needed movement and relaxation after long days in the office.  After practising for a number of years she wanted to find out more so trained and qualified with the Pilates Foundation and left her desk job behind!

Her training helped Becki gain a better understanding of the body and how Pilates can benefit a person’s overall wellbeing.  Becki is passionate about how Pilates can improve not only the function of the body through improved posture and alignment, strengthening muscles but also the mind from the concentration and focus required in class.   With experience of working in a busy office environment, Becki really understands what hours sitting at a desk can do and how Pilates can help rebalance your body.

Becki is also qualified in pre and post natal Pilates, working with ladies throughout their pregnancy to focus on posture and wellbeing in preparation for birth and after.  Becki adapts her classes to the needs of her clients and loves to see the improvement in them week after week as they learn more about Pilates and their bodies.