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Open Water swimming

Let Pilates help you prepare for Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming is becoming increasingly popular and whether you've taken this up as a fine weather hobby, part of Triathlon training or for a charity challenge Pilates can help get you ready for plunging into the open water!

Training in the pool is undoubtedly essential when preparing for an open water swim but when you hit the open water it might still be a bit of a shock.  For open water swimming, and in particular long distance swims, you need to have a confident, comfortable and efficient swimming stroke and that's where Pilates can come in.

Pilates focus on posture and developing deep stabilising muscles in the body can help swimmers be in the best position as they enter the water.  Aiming for a streamlined position reducing the resistance from the water (and weather elements) on the body.  With postural improvements and central stability, the global muscles, including those in your arms and legs are able to work more efficiently.

Pilates whole body approach means that its not only the postural muscles that are strengthened but the aforementioned global muscles are too.  Adding Pilates to the training regime will help swimmers recruit the correct muscles to power their arms and legs and therefore their body through the open water.  This means that again any effort that may have previously been lost in relying on incorrect muscles can now be retained to keep the right muscles working harder for longer...essential when the open water is in front of you.

And perhaps the most important way Pilates can help while you're out in the open water is by strengthening through your neck and spinal extensors, help you lift and look up to see where you're going.  Essential stuff when there are no rope lanes to guide you or people all round you.