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Pilates and Triathletes

As a Triathlete you need to excel in not just one but three different and demanding sports. Imbalances in flexibility, strength, and agility can lead to poor movement patterns, causing loss of efficiency and injury which can impact on your performance in any one, or worse, all of the stages.  Adding Pilates to your triathlon training can help you improve your posture, core strength, flexibility and stability.  When your core is strong and posture well aligned then the rest of your body can perform to its optimum ability which is very handy as you run, cycle and swim.
Triathletes spend a lot of time flexed forward, in particular over their bicycle handlebars, so exercises to extend the spine and strengthen the back muscles are really beneficial in improving posture.  Equally beneficial for triathletes is the roll up that can help strengthen abdominal muscles and thus core strength, while also stretching the whole back line of the body from heels to the crown of your head.  The shoulder bridge would also be a really helpful exercise for triathletes, focusing on spinal mobility and strength for glutes, which are again vital for a strong core.

Pilates can also help triathletes develop improved body awareness and understanding, which will help in using the right muscles for the right movement.  This can make a real difference during a triathlon as the body will be working at its most efficient, allowing you to work faster, stronger or for longer, helping you to achieve a personal best in any one of the stages.