Pilates in Pregnancy

In Pregnancy your body goes through many many changes, both hormonal and muscular which can put additional stresses onto the body and cause muscles to weaken, ligaments to stretch and joints to be overloaded.  This all impacts on the stability and strength that you need to support the changes your body will be exposed to during pregnancy.

Have you seen pictures of many a pregnant celebrity leaving their Pilates classes all healthily aglow? If you have, you won’t be surprised to hear that Pilates has become a leading form of exercise for pregnancy not least due to its adaptability in supporting the ongoing changes of the body and the growing baby.



Good news, you can tap into that healthy glow too…Pregnancy Pilates classes at A Balanced Life focus on supporting your changing body, strengthening your pelvis and shoulder areas, pelvic floor work, breathing, relaxation and support.  Your body will work and strengthen as well as stretch and relax as we take you through a series of exercises that will support the growing demands and minimise any pain and strains associated with pregnancy.  All of this in a friendly relaxed environment that provides a great opportunity to meet other mums-to-be and chat about the various things you experience as your pregnancy progress.

Don’t just take my word for it, Magda and Charlotte, two of our lovely pregnant ladies kindly told me that:

“Pilates helped release the lower back pain I experienced in the 1st trimester….Pilates also makes me feel more relaxed, especially after a day at work, it helps release any stress and tensions in my body.  It’s also nice to be around women who are pregnant. Even to have a quick chat with them once a week makes me feel more confident about my personal experience related to pregnancy.” and

I have loved coming to Pilates whilst pregnant – I always leave feeling more relaxed and taller! Knowledge from teachers has been great – i.e suggesting particular stretches for a particular ache/pain”.

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