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    Pilates Reformer & Mat Classes For Men

    Pilates Reformer & Mat Classes For Men

    Firstly, Pilates was designed by a man and originally for men.

    Joseph Pilates developed Pilates in the  1920’s. He was a boxer and gymnast and created the method to train athletes and recovering soldiers.

    But aren’t the classes always full of women?  Some are, while others are not.  We always have men in our classes. however, I have noticed over the years men tend to like having some private sessions first, so they have some idea of what to expect!

    Most of our male clients are always surprised how challenging Pilates is, they love the philosophy of the technique.

    We teach city professionals, keen runners, cyclists, footballer’s and golfers. We work with a lot of male clients that come to us with injuries and then stay with us for maintenance and performance of their bodies.

    Don't delay click here to see our Timetable or book a private session first

    I also teach in the City you will find me in Moorgate, click here for more details

    Why Men Choose Pilates

    Why do men choose a Pilates class?

    It is an ageless technique and keeps them physically doing what they love.

    It is scientifically based and designed, always adapting too the latest research and technology.

    It make sense and all our clients say they feel the benefits almost instantly.

    They gain more power, endurance, flexibility and less pain.

    It therefore becomes an educated sensible and balancing part of their fitness.