Pilates equipment

Pilates was first created using the apparatus, it was then translated to the mat to make it more accessible. When you hear about famous people using Pilates to create their physique’s it is the studio equipment classes they are referring too.

The Cadillac, Tower, Wunda Chair, Barrel, Reformer and Spine Corrector. Joseph designed the apparatus to help accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening, body alignment and increased core strength, therefore challenges you in ways the matwork can not.

The feedback and support allows you to activate the correct muscles and can support you in taking your practice back to the mat.

Only available in our private and duet sessions.

Mat Classes

We only have a maximum of 8 people to a class. We use all the of the small equipment that is related to Pilates and we have a wide range of classes so you will be able to find the perfect class to suit your goals.

Pilates is a technique and not just a set of exercises, that why we highly advise you start with a beginners course regardless of your fitness levels or 3 to 5 private sessions. By doing this you will benefit from all that Pilates can do for you.

Request your free postural assessment and consultation and let us help you choose the right class for you.

Did you say Pilates is for men too? YES

But aren’t the classes always full of women? Not at all, we encourage men to put us to the test and be challenged. Pilates was designed by a man, originally for men. Joseph Pilates developed the technique in the early 1920’s he was a boxer and gymnast and created the method to train athletes and recovering soldiers. These are some of the men that attend our classes, city professionals, keen runners, cyclists, footballer’s and golfers. We work with a lot of male clients that come to us with injuries and then stay with us for maintenance and performance of their bodies.

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