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    Pre & Post Natal Care

    Pregnancy PreNatal Pilates Hypnobirthing

    Pregnancy Pre Natal Pilates Hypnobirthing
    Pre & Post Natal, probably one of the most exciting, emotional and exhausting time of my life!

    I absolutely love it when I receive an enquiry from an expecting Mum or new Mum because above all I love sharing my knowledge and experience. Pregnancy, birth and post birth recovery can be supported in so many ways when you know how.

    In the last 14 years I have worked with over 500 women, supporting them during and after this period. As a result, I have trained in Pre Natal Pilates, Yoga, Exercise, furthermore I have read most things I can get my hands on!

    Finally whilst pregnant I studied to become a Hypnobirthing practitioner and birthed my own little girl by breathing her out, when I use to scream at the pain of a blood test!

    Furthermore I have learned special techniques to aid the recovery or your abdominals and the restoration of your body.

    Pre natal exercise

    Pregnancy PreNatal Pilates Hypnobirthing 

    Pre Natal exercise can vary in so many ways. I have seen the most awful exercises being taught on You Tube and Instagram.
    They are safe exercises for the baby, but are they right for the Mum? ? Some of the exercises can make the Diastasis Recti post birth much more severe and harder to restore.

    Your body as you know is going through so many stages and the main focus should be on your wellbeing and supporting your posture with the extra weight gain and physical changes. A good pregnancy exercise plan should be about preparing your body for the birth and for the post natal period.

    Pregnancy is such a personal journey, I no longer teach group classes and only offer private 1 to 1 training sessions. This is the time when you should be focusing on you. The benefits of taking this personal time for you will also help aid your recovery.

    • Strengthen core muscles & joints;
    • Help prevent pregnancy related back pain;
    • Prepare you for a positive birthing experience;
    • Maintain the integrity of your pelvic floor;
    • Relaxation;
    • Breathing techniques to birth your baby naturally;
    • Hypnobirthing advice and tips


    Pregnancy PreNatal Pilates Hypnobirthing 

    Hypnobirthing teaches the physical impact of childbirth

    Allows you and your partner to feel more confident about the birth of your baby

    Supports you in bringing your baby into the world calmly, gently and drug free

    It has been demonstrated by many Mums to shorten the length of their labour and enjoy the experience, fully alert and in control

    The father has an active role throughout the pregnancy and the birth, giving you all the support you need.

    Gives you the knowledge to make informed, logical decisions about the birth of your baby

    Teaches you techniques that you can use throughout life to keep you calm and relaxed.

    As this is a very personal approach I have found private sessions the best way to achieve your desired birth plan. It is very important for me to share this with as many couples as possible so I offer a special rate for this package. Please contact me for more details 

    Post natal exercsie

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

    We specialise in increasing energy levels, body awareness and support for our new Mums.

    If you haven't had your abdominals checked for the separation then please come and see us as we have specialised techniques to help close this gap and loose your mummy tummy.

    You have probably been told, or are aware, that your Pelvic Floor has been placed under a lot of stress for the past 9 months.  Contact us for more information on Pelvic Floor exercises.

    Increased strength and stamina
    Improved pelvic floor control
    Strengthens your core and stabilising muscles improving your posture.
    Releases tension from the shoulders and back.
    Better quality of sleep, feeling of relaxation and time for you.
    Taking you back to your pre pregnancy body comfortably.

    Read more here

    Diastasis Recti

    Diastasis Recti, is a very common Post Natal condition that of course can be addressed.

    Firstly, apologies about the picture, most new Mums do not have a sucked in stomach like this.... This is actually a picture of a Mum 2 years post birth. Your stomach may still look pregnant, poke out and be a wrinkly haven of memories a road map of your journey.

    It is a separation of your rectus abdominal wall that happens during your pregnancy. This separation is required so your baby has room to grow.

    Almost every new Mum has this, however a personal approach needs to be adopted when looking at how to repair it. Firstly we need to measure the separation, followed by a full postural assessment and a medical questionnaire.

    Not all separation's need attention, they can be referred to as a functional or non functional Diastasis.

    For more information see our pregnancy section in our ABL Magazine we have a small article with an exercise to get you started click here 

    All of our group classes are suitable for you to attend, however we do advise to book in for a Private 1 to 1 appointment first so we can personalise your program and assess you thoroughly.


    What our clients say

    Thanks to Tori's  a balance life for introducing me to the world of pilates.  It was my secret weapon for a pain free and happy pregnancy.  I enjoyed every session with her during and post pregnancy.  Their professionalism and warm nature makes the pilates session a enjoyable, effective and relaxed experience. I would recommend A Balanced Life and pilates to everyone,  it is truly life changing!   Cynthia


    "We’d thoroughly recommend Tori’s hypno-birthing course.  She provides professional advice interspersed with her own experience, so it’s like it’s like talking everything through with a really knowledgeable friend. The groups are small – it was just us and two other couples – so it’s intimate and not overwhelming. The studio is really calming. It’s modern and fresh, with a great feel to it … and parking right outside too!" - Caroline & Robert

    ABL Magazine

    In our ABL Magazine we have a section on Pregnancy and hypnobirthing related articles and information.

    If you have any questions or queries in regards to our services or how we can help please book in for a free consultation.

    We look forward to meeting you soon.

    I teach at the Lightcentre in Moorgate also in Loughton and Chingford.