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    Tori - A lady with many hats!

    Passionate, Personable and Professional are almost always on the list of attributes that people use to describe Tori

    She is certainly passionate about learning, sharing and supporting all of the people she works with.

    16 years into this journey and she still has the same amount of enthusiasm for her work, and an ever growing knowledge and experience bank to share with you all.

    Tori's journey is to help you Create a Healthier and Happier Body for you to live in and LOVE - Has to come from addressing and optimising your


    Why Choose Tori

    Tori's journey started out in movement, where she quickly discovered her passion for working with women through their pregnancy and beyond.

    She then opened a studio in the City where her clientele changed more to functional movement, stress and injury relief.

    Moving into her second studio on the outskirts of London her clientele changed back to Pre & Postnatal ladies.

    At 38 She started to develop Perimenopausal symptoms and added this specialism to her belt also.

    Throughout her journey, she has worked with the leading specialists in their field, researched all the latest studies and continues to provide the most effective and efficient advice for improving your sleep, nourishing your body with the right nutrition, positive mindset and life coaching and the right movement and exercise.

    Outside of  Work

    What lead me to selling the studio's is my 7yr old daughter and my family. All aspects of this part of my life bring me the most amount of joy and peace, creating a perfect balance between work and play, I am very grateful and fortunate. 

    Currently training for the London Marathon 2021!
    I am not a massive runner, however I have trained many runners to complete a marathon injury free. 42 years on this planet and I thought its now or never! Above all I am raising money for Make a Wish foundation.

    I love experiencing new cultures and experiences. You wont catch me lazing around a hotel pool for too long without wanting to get up and explore.

    Without a doubt I am a massive foodie, there are not many things I wont eat... However, balance is a big part of my life so I live a 80% healthy and clean and the other 20% relaxed and indulgent!

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    You will find me online and  in person at a fully equipped Pilates studio in either 

    Moorgate, London

    Buckhurst Hill, Essex

    I also teach some home visits in the following areas.

    Loughton, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill, Epping, Woodford, North Chingford

    My main hours of business are:

    Mondays - Fridays 09:00 - 15:00

    I am online at various times and have pother private appointments around the above times.

    The best way to contact me is via email on