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Weak core

What is it?

Core muscles act as a support system for your upper body, spine and pelvis. Weak core muscles force other parts of your body into support roles they were never meant to have which can cause a number of signs and symptoms such as poor posture and lower back pain and put your at a much higher risk of re-occurrence of pain.

If you’re told you have a weak core you might think you need to just strengthen your abdominal muscles. Your abdominals are an important part of the support your body needs but the core is more than that, including pelvic floor, back and glute muscles. To strengthen your core muscles, reduce any associated pain and/or improve your posture, you must retrain these muscles to be able to support you in everyday life and in your sporting activities.

How can Pilates help?

Pilates exercises allow you to isolate and work on specific muscles groups including the core stabilising muscles, as such you can re-train and strengthen these vital muscles. Deep abdominal muscles can be activated at a low level by exercises such as Bent Knee Fall Out, while you can target your glute muscles through Clams and your deep spinal, erector spinae muscles can be activated through back extension exercises such as Diamond Press.

By retraining and strengthening your core muscles your global muscles, such as those in your legs and arms should work more effectively from your newly stable centre.

Always ensure that you are working with an experienced and qualified Pilates teacher and seek advice from your health professional before embarking upon any exercise.